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I Have Learned Her Name

This week marks eight months in my journey with Wings of Refuge to “End Exploitation for One More Girl.” I’ve read books, watched videos, attended conferences, and networked with other organizations. I’ve learned much about human trafficking: the scope of the problem, the statistics, and the dark realities of this modern day form of slavery.

But, I’ve learned much more than statistics. I have learned her name.’ve cooked with her, walked with her, and prayed with her. I’ve laughed with her, cried with her, and most importantly, I’ve grown with her. She has changed me.

I’ll never forget Easter, 2016. I had the honor of sharing an Easter egg hunt with her. This particular egg hunt was also a scavenger hunt. Her smile grew as she opened each egg and figured out the clues to the location of the next egg. When the final clue led her to a basket full of small gifts, squeals of delight filled the room. It was a special moment for me. It’s one of several moments that have changed my life as I have been privileged to share similar life changing experiences at Wings of Refuge. It isn’t always easy, but she is always worthy!

God is on the move in this house and in this organization. Rest assured that your donations are changing lives, bringing restoration, and spreading God’s love.

And for those of you who still want statistics, let me share this small statistic:
Purchasing an Easter basket filled with small gifts………..….. $14.00
Spending time with an incredible Sister in Christ………….. Priceless
Sharing the real message of Easter ………………..………… Priceless
Witnessing unashamed joy…………………………………..… Priceless

Bev Shipley, Executive Director

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