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A Brighter Life

In life, we are constantly learning and growing. In just a few short months, I’ve learned so much through the staff and participants at Wings of Refuge. In particular, I think about what I’ve learned from one of the participants. What stands out the most to me is how selfless, kind, and caring she is towards others. I’m always amazed at how she thinks about and delights in serving others whether it’s using her artistic ability to create beautiful prayer boards for the staff, baking something delicious to give away, or volunteering her time with the elderly.

I remember just a few days after I joined Wings of Refuge, she went outside to scrape the snow off my windshield so I wouldn’t have to do it. She’s teaching me more about what it looks like to put others ahead of myself which is a perfect example of Jesus. She has graciously shared parts of her difficult story with us. Throughout a majority of her life, she did not have people modeling acts of kindness and love towards her. However, I believe God is the One who has given her the wonderful traits she has and He’s using them to brighten the lives of others. She has and is certainly brightening mine.

I also see how God is helping her learn and grow in her restoration. She’s gaining more independence and thinking towards the future. She was recently talking to a “safe contact” on the phone and told the woman, “It’s like a family here.” What a smile that brought to my face! She knows she is cared for and loved in this home. We also tell her that she is teaching us and helping us grow as she models care, kindness, and love towards others.

Nicky Sanders
Direct Care Coach

Nicky Sanders

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