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There are countless movies about people who go on a trip across the country and chaos ensues. They get into trouble, sometimes fight bad guys, some have the best time of their lives. They are low budget movies done on a tight schedule but they still become popular because the message is so relatable. We’re all on journey and we all want to arrive.

Wings of Refuge is a restoration home. Simple enough sentence right?

Restoration. Easy. Let’s just put some spackle on the wall and repaint. You won’t even be able to tell that it there was water damage. Except, anyone who has every lived in a home or done some remodeling knows that it’s often not that simple. Where is the water coming from? How much water is there? What will it cost to get it fixed? The risk of ignoring the damage could be catastrophic. The cost for finding and repairing the problem can be high. If we do ignore the problem; it will build up, mold will grow, more spots will need to be covered up, until eventually it breaks through and your ceiling collapses, your walls fall in, and your home is nearly uninhabitable.

The lives of survivors who seek restoration have often had years of damage build up. They’ve been beaten, assaulted, abused, manipulated, threatened, injured, ill, and we can’t just ignore the damage. It’s a long and laborious process for the survivor and it takes bravery to enter the rubble. She has to pick up the pieces, throw away the shrapnel from lies she has been told about herself. Each room in the home needs to be evaluated, items need to be examined for their worth. The structure of the building needs to be uncovered. Who is she, what is her layout, what stairs creak and what doors sing. What is her color scheme, the things that make her so uniquely her.

Restoration is not about covering up the pain of survivors. It’s not about making them presentable and mainstreaming them with the public. Our goal will never be to get a pat on the back and a big check for a job well done. She is a heroine in her own right but her journey never ends. There will be points along her timeline where she is victorious and every single one should be celebrated. There will also be marks along the way that show relapse but all that really means in restoration is that she hasn’t remodeled the guest bedroom yet.

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