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Blank Canvas

Throughout their participation in our restoration program, women have the opportunity to explore a variety of interests and experiences. One of the favorites is the art room. I love that each survivor has a completely unique journey, but one girl’s journey sticks out to me in particular. She is the epitome of an artist; bold, creative, and vibrant. But it wasn’t always like this.

Upon her arrival in the home, she took to painting like it was her lifeline. She spent hours on end in the art room, radio blasting as she sang at the top of her lungs. Painting was the thing she turned to when she was angry, when she was overjoyed, when she was sorrowful.

I wish I could take all of the paintings she created and hang them along the walls of a museum exhibit, displayed in a dimly lit room with dramatic wall lighting as the timeline of her journey at Wings of Refuge unfolds. The story would progress like your favorite book.

In the very beginning, darkness and despair fills the canvas, resembling the condition within; baring her deepest and darkest pain. As you walk along and the paintings become more and more recent, you would see flutters of hope. Mixed within the black paints, sparks of color and light gradually take over and begin to overshadow the shame of the past.

By the end of the journey, the script has been flipped. Dark colors and desperate themes have become a thing of the past. Hope, joy, and the dream of a new future are vibrantly brushed across the canvas. The last canvas you would see would is a blank one. What story will this canvas tell?

Perhaps this one will not be painted by the artist herself but by the One who holds her future.

I have had the privilege of watching this and similar stories unfold, and I am equally amazed and baffled by the goodness of God that can be seen throughout it all. The journey is not easy, and each day brings its own challenges, but every challenge is an opportunity to triumph.

Every journey paints the story of a sovereign God.

Marissa Price
Development Assistant

Marissa Price

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