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Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

I am the newest staff member in our home so I am on a daily learning curve. I am not just learning about the participants or the daily tasks I need to do but I find that I learn something new about myself every day. Take today, for instance, one of our participants was in the kitchen making cookies and humming a tune. When I asked her what she was humming she told me the song “I Wanna Go Back” by David Dunn was stuck in her head. She proceeded to tell me it was her new favorite song as she had been listening to it on a CD in her car. She explained to me that it was about a guy who wants to go back to his childhood where life was simple. Simple, like the lyrics we used to sing as a child, “Jesus Love Me, This I Know.” She continued by explaining that as we get older we let life get complicated and we tend to overthink things way too much. The song helps her to remember not to get caught up overthinking everything but to go back to the transparent mind of a child where things are plain and simple.

I didn’t realize it in the moment but as I reflect on it, I was being taught something about myself from a girl who has had the toughest life of any human I have personally known thus far. Through her words, I was able to think about my own life. As I grow older and circumstances get more complicated, just like everyone else, I get wrapped up in the complexity but if I can continually remember that I have the power to guide my own thoughts, then I too can go back to thinking more simplistically. It can be plain and simple for all of us. Jesus Loves Me, This I Know.

Karla Damiano

Karla Damiano

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