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You Just Might Be Surprised

The day began like any other. The women awoke, getting ready for a new day. With the blinds open, sunlight pouring in, music softly playing in the background, we gathered in the living room for morning devotions. We began by reading Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. The chapter was titled “Cultivating Community.” Some of the characteristics of community mentioned were honesty, humility and courtesy. Little did we know, that in a few minutes, those characteristics would be put to the test.

After we discussed the devotional, one of the women said she wanted to share something. It was evident that she was wrestling with whether or not to say something, but she believed God was calling her to do so. She revealed something personal about herself, something the other participant had been vocally against. I held my breath waiting for the reaction. Would there be an outburst, an insensitive comment, an argument? The reaction to the revelation surprised both me and the participant who had shared.

The other participant began sharing her own personal experiences. She explained her difficulty with loving “those people” because of what had been done to her. It was a rare glimpse of vulnerability by this woman. She allowed us to step into her pain, to help us understand her better, to help us look beyond her previous actions and words. The exchange between the two women was a beautiful image of community coming together: raw honesty, humility, and courtesy of each other’s experiences and how they have shaped their beliefs. 

Sitting there among two brave women, once at odds on a subject, now coming together, was a beautiful thing to witness. It was a reminder to me about what it means to be human; what it means to be complex, multifaceted, multidimensional. It’s so easy in the world we live in to judge based on what we see on the surface. We label people based on an action or a comment, not realizing that they are more than that. We are people made up of different stories, beliefs and experiences. The beauty of community is being able to embrace people despite how very different they may be from us.

So I ask you to reflect on the encounters you have with others. Are there people you find difficult to love? Are there people you are quick to judge and label? Do you find yourself quick to argue when you don’t agree? I challenge you to take a step back, to quiet yourself, to listen. You just might be surprised at what you learn about another person.

Emma Bykerk
Direct Care Coach & Volunteer Coordinator

Emma Bykerk

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