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YOU Make A Difference

If you are reading this article, you most likely already know Wings of Refuge is a Christ-centered restoration home for survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking. You know our mission is to end exploitation for one more girl. You know our vision is for every participant to know that SHE is valued, SHE has hope and SHE is loved by Jesus. You have heard and read impact stories from our Direct Care Coaches in our monthly newsletters. You more than likely already support our ministry through your prayers, your personal talents and gifts, and your finances.  What you also need to know is YOU ARE THE REASON WE EXIST.

Because of you, Wings of Refuge has met 23% of its annual budget for 2018. Because of you, our beds are full and restoration has been happening every day for the past three months. Because of you, we are fully staffed with trained, passionate Direct Care Coaches, a Trauma Specialist, and a Program Director.

YOUR prayers surrounded our home with safety, comfort, peace, stability and hope. Safety for restful nights of sleep and calm days where participants can begin to breathe again and celebrate slow, yet steady, marks of progress and growth. Comfort in knowing it’s okay to smile and laugh or cry healing tears with the assurance that our God is bigger than any evil that may try to enter the four walls of our home. Peace to begin to heal, to trust, to really live. Stability to continue the daily difficult work of restoration, of replacing the lies with God’s truth, of realizing love, redemption and forgiveness. Hope for a better tomorrow full of possibility and freedom. We feel YOUR prayers.

YOUR personal talents and gifts have provided an abundance of opportunities in our home.  Volunteers have blessed our home with 13 visits this quarter, providing 76 hours of committed service.  Talented volunteers have shared gifts including sewing, art journaling, puzzle making, cooking, physical therapy, conversation, pottery, accounting and money management, and art education to name a few. Additionally, there have been four furry, four-legged volunteers that have generously provide hours of cuddling, playing and laughter.

YOUR generosity has gifted our home with a new desktop computer, new pots and pans, a new washing machine, new dish towels, multiple gift cards as well as many much needed daily household and office supplies.

YOUR finances have provided three months rent and utilities for our safe home, 276 safe nights of rest, 828 home cooked meals, three Valentine’s Day gifts, three Easter baskets, clothes for work and every day, 19 tanks of gas for our Wings of Refuge van to provide transportation to therapy, appointments, jobs, and speaking events. YOU have made this possible.

Additionally, in the first three months of 2018, YOU have participated in our Do What You Love To Fight What You Hate campaign. YOU have created jewelry, sewn mittens, grown beards, worn jeans to work, taught yoga, hosted stamping events and craft fairs, ran ultra-marathons, used social media, created art and utilized your home business to fight with us.

YOU are amazing, and we are honored to partner with each of you.  THANK YOU!

YOU are also our future. It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child. We have discovered it takes an army to restore one. YOU are a valuable part of that army. We need YOU. Please continue to support Wings of Refuge with your prayers, personal talents, generosity, and finances. Together we are winning! Together we are ending exploitation for one more girl!

Bev Shipley

Executive Director

Bev Shipley

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